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Support the Greek Economy!!

Worldweird Cinema has many friends from all over this tiny globe of ours but none more passionate than our cine-brothers from the very cradle of our particular civilization - Greece. So we'd like to return the favor of their support by pointing to a few places where you can spend your hard earned cash in rocky, hot Hellas. C'mon, they gave us democracy and kept the Persian Empire at bay so it's the least you can do.

Firstly our friend Miltos of Cinehound Forum (our home away from home) fame has two online weird movie shoppes that we must highly recommend to you. If the oddest of the odd from Bollywood (or is it Bollyweird?) is your thang, then check out the newly revamped Electric Larvae store, where Bolly is all they got, but what they got they got galore. Lots of Lolly too, if you know what I mean (I mean Pakistani films if you don't). You can pour through endless pages of boring dramas and comedies at other Indian disc providers or you can just go straight to the worldweird gold all laid out in easy to understand alphabetical (and in English too, for us barbarians) order. You have no excuses for not buying stuff, really.

Not content to only corner the Bollyweird market, Miltos also provides even rarer treats at his DVDr shoppe Kult Paradise. Here you can find movies you can find NOWHERE ELSE. Miltos is a long time VHS collector and he has cherry picked the weirdest of the weird to offer to you, his adoring public. Many of the more obscure films we've reviewed here over the years have come from his collection and now you too can pretend that you're cool and in the know about this stuff just like we do.
Check it out, I'm sure you'll find something that will get your blood pumpin'.

Also, we feel it necessary to point out that Miltos' fellow countryman Bill Barounis, whom all of you should know as the President and CEO of Onar Films, has just put out via that very DVD label a new and completely awesome looking Turkish delight called KADIN DUSMANI or WOMAN HATER, a gothic-tinged Giallo thriller from the late 60s that promises to be one of their most interesting releases to date. Our copy is on its way so we should have a review soon but in the meantime - why not just take the chance and order your own? I really doubt you will regret it. If you don't know anything about it, here's the lowdown and the trailer for it. Don't miss out!!

A genuine TURKISH GIALLO from 1967! At that time, the italians had just started warming up on the genre while their best examples came years later.
This Turkish lost, spooky, misty, gothic giallo horror stands on its own, faithful to itself, quite original in ideas, full of surprises and almost empty as far as "similarities" to other films are concerned! The only surving print was found in very good condition and ONAR FILMS is presenting it in another worldwide premiere.


Country: Turkey
Year: 1967

Director: Ilhan Engin

Actors: Ekrem Bora, Sema Ozcan, Tanju Korel, Gulgun Erdem, Reha Yurdakul

ULTRA-LIMITED EDITION OF 500 numbered copies
Turkish audio with English & Greek subs
Dolby Digital 2.0
Documentary Turkish Fantastic Cinema - Part 3
Poster Insert