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Paranormal Activity (Original Ending)

Well it finally hit the interwebs. Paranormal Activity's original ending (via MovieWeb and Bloody Disgusting). I first mentioned this in my review that I was intrigued by this ending. Now having seen it, here are my thoughts.

  • The ending keeps the "real" feel of the entire movie.
  • That rocking back and forth is really creepy
  • The discovery of Micah's body is only heard in voices...makes it really tingly mesmerizing
  • The cops shooting Katie seem kinda off...but she did lunge at them with a knife
  • The demon makes a noise in another room and the cops see nothing...there should be one final scare in this flick
So I'm mixed. They had elements they could have kept in this ending but you do need that one final "Spielberg ending" scare shot to end the movie with a bang. The dedication is a little goofy too.

What did you guys think? Spielberg ending or the original ending? If a gun were pointed to my head, I'd have to go with the sigh Spielberg ending. But intertwining the two would have worked.

I think this will be part of the Paranormal Activity Effect where big studios just change the film.

OK. Enough talking. Watch the original ending yourself.