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The Wonderful Crapiness of Chiller TV

As a Time Warner Cable inmate, I actually never knew this channel existed. I never had Direct TV so when this channel launched I was clueless. But as I was talking to Insano Steve as we tried to find Versus on both our satellite and cable systems, I soon stumbled upon Chiller.

Who let the wondercrapness out!?! Woot! Woot!

Seems I've been missing out on all the crapawesomeness of Chiller.

John Carpenter's Vampires! Vampires: The Turning! Bloodrayne! Sleepwalkers! Tales from the Crypt:Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood! Tales from the Hood!

WTF!??! I've missed out on all this craptastic coolshitty flicks!

And megahorriblegood TV series air on Chiller TV too. Can you freakin believe it? I've missed out on such classics as:

Millenium! Hex! Friday the 13th: The Series! The Embraced! and Freakylinks!!! Yes Freakylinks!

OK sarcasm aside, this is an actual shock to my jaded system. I honestly never heard of this channel. Aside from The Horror Channel, I thought an actual horror TV channel were myths and urban legends. I'm really not sure what to make of this. Are the movies edited or uncut? Do they show the complete seasons of these TV shows? Is Twilight Zone on all the time?

Whose actually watched something on this channel? C'mon horror guys and gals, confess already. Have you actually watched this channel?

On Direct TV its channel 257.
On Dish Network its channel 199.
On Time Warner Cable its channel 102.

There tagline says "Dare to Watch". Hmm I'll take that challenge. OMG! They show Twin Peaks. I am now hooked on this craptastic channel.