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The Shortround: IFC Grindhouse Short Film Showcase

I caught this little compilation on IFC. It's IFC's Grindhouse Short Film Showcase and there are quite a couple of solid ones in here. A funny zombie film, a mini short by Lars Von Trier, a Polish short about a group of kids and a short starring David Arquette who has a nosebleed that doesn't stop.

The 2 you can view online now are "I Love you Sarah Jane" and "Occupations". Also, I've included the trailer for "Nosebleed". I highly suggest you watch it for Sarah Jane and Nosebleed. Really good shorts that surprised me. Enjoy!

"I Love Sarah Jane"
Directed by Spencer Susser

Directed by Lars von Trier

"Nosebleed" (Trailer)
Directed by Jeff Vespa