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Legendary Hollywood demons

Horror film definitely has an antagonistic character. His form can be various kinds. Of human beings, ghosts, until strange creatures. They're the main attraction of a horror film. The presence of the character "evil" is often became the focal point of the portion of the audience beat the champ.

Hollywood has produced quite a lot of horror films. A number of them managed to gain success and recorded in history. The "devil" in the films suddenly became the mascot. In this article I want to summarize a few of them are countless legendary and often awaited appearance.

This name should I put in the first place. Jason Voorhees is a "demon" that appeared in the legendary horror film Friday The 13th (nothing to do with the old school serial TVRI). This film has entered the sequel to the 11th after the first film released in 1980. Interestingly, the first film that is emerging as an antagonist character is Mrs. Pamela Voorhees, the mother of Jason. Jason Voorhees emerging as the "devil" in the second sequel, and so on.

Jason Voorhees is a boy who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. He is a victim of the ignorance of youth who are doing the activity in the Camp. After growing up he took revenge by massacring all the people doing activities in the area.

Jason Voorhees has its own characteristics. In appearance he often uses the hockey mask and carrying weapons machetes or large knives. Since its first appearance, Jason Voorhees has slaughtered more than 150 people in all his films. One of the scenes are quite memorable was when he dueled with Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th movie Part-4: The Final Chapter (1984).
Who does not know the "devil" on this one. He was the star of the legendary horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street. The film was released early in 1984 it has had 8 sequel. Freddy Krueger has a unique modus operandi in a massacre. He did so in the dream of the victim.
In normal life, Freddy Krueger was a child killer. He then get the anger of parents who are desperate to burn you alive. Freddy finally back to being the most horrible dream in sleep every victim.
In contrast to Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger has enough sense of humor. He also said enough. Big grin from his face the damaged equipped with distinctive red shirt and black gloves would taper of the metal makes it a character of "Satan" is unique.
Michael Myers brutally killed his sister when he was aged 6 years to put into a mental hospital. Seemed to actually be "demons" are real, he returned to his family approached the day of Halloween to slaughter those who remained.
Halloween movie was first released in 1978 by famous director John Carpenter. Up to now nine Halloween films have been made​​. The character of Michael Myers finally transformed into one of the frightening horror icons through the film. Although dressed quietly behind the mask of coldness, the number of victims has been noted that more than 70 people
Chucky is a doll. A child's toy. But who would have thought the doll was possessed by evil spirits who are ready to slaughter everyone.
Child's Play movie was first released in 1988. That's the first film about the death doll Chucky. To date has been fifth film made ​​specifically to tell you about Chucky malignancy. Even in 2009 was planned the next Chucky film.

Chucky is actually the origin of the malignancy begins when there is a murderer who was shot to death in a children's toy store. The influence of black magic to make his soul finally able to transform into any shape. Until she finds a doll as a bersemayamnya to date.

Chucky advantage not shared by his rivals is its physical form is just a doll. Potential victims will not even think about killing bad will happen to him

The movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) catapulted the name horror icons Leatherface was one of "Satan" who feared in Hollywood. Horrible man who always uses a chainsaw to slaughter his victims are living with a psychopath who has a family of cannibalistic nature. Even household appliances in their homes were often made ​​from human body parts
Until now no fewer than six films: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been made, including the sequel, remake, and prequel. Just as the trend of "evil" others, Leatherface is also wearing a mask. The difference, he was wearing a mask made ​​of human body parts.

As a "devil", the real Candyman has a pretty romantic story. Black man who was a son of a slave artist, fell in love with the girl child is located. The rich old man who was angry eventually send some goons to teach him a lesson. They cut off one hand. Then stripped and sprinkle the bees on his body. The black man was eventually killed by the very tragic.
The manner of his death became a figure of legend and myth will hook-handed Candyman. The legend says, when you stand in front of the mirror and Candyman's name five times, his spirit will surely come to spread death to you. Unfortunately, the legend was transformed into the most frightening reality to people who are testing the truth.
Compared to the "evil" other, Candyman relatively low profile. He was until now only featured as many as three films. The first film released in 1992. Specialist fictional character horror filmmakers / thriller Clive Barker is mentioned is in the process of working for a comeback in the fourth movie

Who does not know the character of Norman Bates. First appeared in a phenomenal thriller Psycho (1960), Norman Bates transformed into a terrifying figure who has multiple personalities. Killing his own mother after his father's widowed, she became a true psychopath with a mother's body to maintain it.
With a split personality Norman Bates and his mother, he became the most terrifying threat to guests who stay at the motel that he managed. Murders took place one after another without the authorities can understand, who actually does it all. Norman Bates, or personality that sets her mad in her body.
Since its release in the era of the '60s, until recently counted at least five films including the remake version, produced for the story about Norman Bates. Compared to the figure of "Satan" is another interesting character indeed. Not one-dimensional and more reflective of the uniqueness of the psychological aspects.   

This figure includes the "demon" who is best known around the world. Number of movies? Incalculable. The prince of this blood-sucking in Hollywood began to become a legendary icon in the hands of Bela Lugosi, who play her in the film Dracula (1931).

Character through the popular Dracula novel Bram Stoker's work. Long fangs, red-eyed, neat clothing that accompanied the high collar and long robes, a mandatory complement of this figure. Basically he did not kill, but to change its bite victims into blood-sucking figure like himself.

This character does not have a row of film-connect connection as all the "demons" that have been discussed previously. But of the many films that contain himself, in addition to the version starring Bela Lugosi, the film Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), directed by filmmaker Francis Ford Coppolla reliable enough to attract the attention of bystanders.

For some people, it is rather difficult to distinguish Dracula in Nosferatu. According to reports circulating in fact Nosferatu is also inspired by the same novel Dracula.

Just like Dracula, Frankenstein appeared in the classic era through the novel. Films novice that the theme of the story by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is (1931). Boris Karloff monster believed to portray the work of Dr. Henry Frankenstein.

Frankenstein's monster is actually a composite of various human body parts that have died. Dr obsession. Henry Frankenstein as a scientist who ultimately trigger such a crazy idea. The composition of the full body of his creations then monster can live with the help of electricity from lightning.

Tails of a crazy idea that horror. Frankenstein's monster was transformed into a mass murderer and bring up the horrors of the city.
Single actor Robert DeNiro also believed to bring the Frankenstein monster character in the movie Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994).

Basically the undead zombies. He is always hungry and looking for human prey for food. Santapannya break away from the object is not enough, you must ensure yourself you really do not get bitten. For a little bite Zombie is enough to kill you slowly and then make you a zombie who is also hungry for human flesh.
Countless zombie movies meant as an antagonist character. The films were mostly using toxic chemicals as a result of the development of military major cause of "disease" that continues to infectious zombies. Zombie of course, can be an effective and efficient army for the military.
Of the many zombie films, works of director George A. Romero counted the most praise. Beginning of the Night of the Living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978), and Day of The Dead (1985). Trilogy is so well known until he tried to grow it in the Land of the Dead (2005), to many observers regard it as quadralogy.
Scream (1996) when it was released to get overwhelming response among moviegoers. In America the coolest film managed to gain a turnover of more than $ 100 million. Scream is also raising new trend Slasher films. Violence was a killer, intelligent critics charge against the horror film, combined with the puzzle who the real killer, blended nicely by director Wes Craven is also famous worldwide with A Nightmare on Elm Street.
The bear became a successful trilogy, each Scream 2 (1997) and Scream 3 (2000). Of all the film Scream, serial killer is most impressive is counted from the first Scream. The figure of a young child really be a psychopath and slaughter anyone with various cara.t.
During the action of the killer in the Scream movies always wore a skull mask and robe patterned scary.

The unique character creation specialist horror film maker Clive Barker may not be heard in the mainstream. But he got a special place in the community of horror fans. The film that catapulted his name is Pinhead Hellraiser (1987).
Pinhead is the top brass of a strange creature named Cenobite. He was always getting top pleasure through torture and suffering. Pinhead is a unique way to not be confused with the "devil" to another. Hellraiser film success as usual to produce a sequel to this film has spawned a total of seven
Just like Candyman, there is news that says that Clive Barker is planning to produce another film about the Pinhead. We'll wait.
"Satan" OTHER
is a Vampire, Ben Willis, The Creeper, Mr. Hyde and Werewolf.

Vampire is still under the shadow of Dracula. Even so, the Vampire is fairly flexible. He can be featured as anything. Even in the skipper looking beautiful as in the movie Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) directed by Neil Jordan famous.
The Creeper is a "devil" terrifying than the movie Jeepers creepers (2001) sequel Jeepers creepers fruitful 2 (2003). Apparently the creepy, his great height. Terrible strength and he can fly anywhere because it has wings. He came out periodically at an annual moment for human prey. In his hiding place can be found many bodies scattered erratic. Most of the bodies are stitched each other.
Werewolf is a werewolf. He turned into a vicious wolf full moon and kill people who he regarded as his enemy. Werewolf films that the theme quite a lot, but that deserve to be given special attention are the Wolf (1994) in which Jack Nicholson, James Spader, and Michelle Pfeiffer play, directed by Mike Nichols reliable, and of course, An American Werewolf in London (1981) which then fruitful sequel An American Werewolf in Paris (1997).
Mr. Hyde was the bad side of the two currencies figure of Dr. Jekyll. The experimental results for the deadly vices of the man who Dr. Jekyll did it bear fruit in the emergence of violent character Mr. Hyde. When the influence of Mr subsided. Hyde back into Dr. bertrasformasi. Jekyll. This unique character count is less popular than others. Just like Dracula and Frankenstein, he also lifted from the novel.
Become an obsession in Hollywood to bring together two or more important characters from different movies in a movie. The idea of ​​Superman vs. Batman, which is still kept simmering, or the film Alien vs. Predator (2004) who has had a sequel will prove it.
Especially for the character "Satan", the most striking moment is when the film Freddy vs. Jason (2003) was launched. Two "evil" are equally grim, many casualties, and charismatic, diduelkan in a film. This movie was smart enough when compared with the Alien vs. Predator. And certainly satisfy fans of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.
Film Van Helsing (2004) directed by Stephen Sommers also contains many characters "devil" in his film. There Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf, and Mr. Hyde. Unfortunately they do not tell a duel with one another.

Action movie Underworld (2003) who has had a worthy sequel to presented. The essence of this film is the story of a battle between the Vampire with the Werewolf. Utamai diperan film by the lovely Kate Beckinsale further highlight the action scenes are shot and the fight which of course is not so bloody as not to involve the human race there.
Especially for the lovers of horror movies, do not worry. You may include a minority, but Hollywood will still satisfy your appetite with the "demons" that you like.

For those of you who do not particularly like the horror film, maybe this article could make you are interested in small increments.

I used to only give praise to the coolest horror movies like The Exorcist (1973), The Sixth Sense (1999), and Scream (1996). But after living at the time of boarding students with a horror enthusiast, gradually began to open my mind to accept this genre :)
This paper was inspired by a quiz at Rase 102.3 FM Bandung era when college. Simple quiz, to mentioning the most horror characters in Hollywood movies who won. It just so happens that I win hehe

Hopefully after this one makes writing about demons Legendary Film Indonesia. Unfortunately my lack of reference to write it. Last movie version of Dracula pas Srimulat SD age