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Is it 2010 already? In 5 years we should have flying cars! (Happy New Year from the jaded viewer!)

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Hope you all had fun celebrating.

I can't believe it's 2010 already. In the future timeline of movies here is what we will be promised....

  • By 2015 we should have flying cars (BTTF trilogy)
  • By 2029 Skynet will have wiped out humanity and we will all be part of the resistance (Terminator series)
  • In 2 years (2012), the world ends (well that kinda sucks) (2012)
Those things may never happen, but what WILL definitely happen next week is you will get to read my Top 10 Horror Movies of 2009! And here's the big news. This is going to be a jaded viewer "fat as Texas" edition as I'm extending it to 20 movies this year!!!

Yes horror minions, the Best Horror Movies of 2009 (#11-20) and (#1-10) will be posted next week. That's a kick ass way to kick off the new year. By reflecting on the year in horror and checking out what kicked ass.

Also, I'll be posting my very handy compilation list of every major horror site and blog's Best Horror Movies of 2009. I've been compiling it and if you have one, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment below and I'll include it.

Well in the world of horror, we got some very bad 80s horror movies made about this holiday. New Years Evil (yikes!). But look at what we have here. A new 80s cheesefest horror movie called Bloody New Year!

Here you go. Check out the trailer.

Happy New Year from the jaded viewer!!!