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Award Cooties are the best!

Well I'm infected again...WOOHOO! Awards month is still not over thanks to Chuck @ Zombies DON'T Run. He's given award cooties to 10 more horror blogs and yours truly is one of them!

This award is awesome coming from Chuck. So thanks again...we will proudly sneeze this award on to two other horror blogs.

Well I'm giving this award to Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central..... hahahahah...... PSYCHE!!!!

Oh they're not horror blogs, well according to Total Film they are. Nice job schmucks.

According to the rules I can only give this to 2 other horror bloggers. Also once you get it you can't pass it on. The infection stops HERE so as to quarantine this new awards strain. Well ahhhh chooooooo! You're infected........

You are now 2009 All-Scares Bloggers! Congrats!