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The Twisted Path of R1 DVD!

Here's a quick rundown of some upcoming R1 DVDs of interest to Worldweirdians. All dates are subject to change, perhaps even likely to change. Images are copped from as always.

BATTLE GIRL: LIVING DEAD IN TOKYO BAY (Synapse) coming 02-23-10

BEHIND CONVENT WALLS (Cult Epics) coming 03-30-10

BUSHIDO: CRUEL CODE OF THE SAMURAI (AnimEigo) coming 02-09-10

DEATH JOURNEY (Code Red) coming 03-16-10

FERNANDO ARRABAL COLLECTION VOL. 2 (Cult Epics) coming 02-23-10

GIRLY (Scorpion) coming 3-30-10

INTERNECINE PROJECT (Scorpion) coming 02-23-10

MEAN JOHHNY BARROWS (Code Red) coming 03-16-10

PORNO (Impulse) coming 04-27-10

POWER PLAY (Scorpion) coming 02-23-10

SADIST WITH RED TEETH/FORBIDDEN PARIS (Mondo Macabro) coming 03-30-10

SAYURI ICHIRO: FOLLOWING DESIRE (Kimstim/Kino) coming 03-23-10

SCREAM (Code Red/Shriek Show) coming 02-23-10

SWEET TEEN (Mya) coming 04-27-10

TAXI HUNTER (Eastern Star) coming 02-23-10

TWISTED PATH OF LOVE (Kimstim/Kino) coming 03-23-10

WITHOUT TRACE (Mya) coming 04-27-10

YAKUZA JUSTICE: EROTIC CODE OF HONOR (Kimstim/Kino) coming 03-23-10

More good Worldweird stuff to come, including reviews of Severin's new D'Amato sleazefest THE ALCOVE and Onar's latest essential Turkish cult release ALTIN COCUCK! Stay tuned for those as well as more reviews of extremely obscure foreign cult goodies!