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A Jaded Spotlight: Maurice Devereaux

OMG! Is this a new feature on the jaded viewer? Hell if I know. All I know is I wanted to spotlight Maurice Devereaux, a Canadian director who seems to be running hot in the horrorosphere.

I'm not going to go into details on his bio (which you can Wikia here) but what I will spotlight are 2 of his movies and a short he directed. The first movie that put Devereaux on my radar was his Fangoria presents feature $lashers$. I actually own this movie on VHS. If I had a VCR, I'd watch it again (alas I don't). I remember it being a little low budgety but the Japan game show slasher premise stuck in my head for well....just being totally off the wall.

Check out the trailer.

His next movie after $lashers$ was End of the Line (full review here) which I ranked #15 on my Top 20 Horror Movies of 2009. It's a good cult gone crazy movie earning a solid 3 spinkicks.

Trailer? Yes please.

Finally, this short below entitled "PMS Survival Tips" gone some acclaim and buzz a few years back. It's a nice little parody of those 50s educational flicks with a horror slant.

Duck and cover the short below.

I'm not sure what else he has in store, but his resume keeps building and creating some good stuff. Canadian horror is in good hands with Devereaux and we should all keep him on our horror radar.