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Best/Top Horror Movies of 2010 (Compilation from the Internet)

Look at those links above! Hahaha, I couldn't resist. Well it's that time again where I make your life easier by compiling the top 10 (or best of) lists of every major film and horror site, horror blog and online magazine out there on the interwebs. I do this because I also like to see how it compares with my own list and because you deserve one place where you can go to instead of Googling for it.

Over a 100 lists are below (I've totally Googled out after compiling the list)

I haven't tallied all of them but checking on most of them, you'll see the same movies on the list though a lot of different #1's.

If I missed a list or you want yours added, drop me a line or leave a comment.

Now say thank you Mr. Jaded Viewer. Seriously. Just leave a comment letting me know this was somewhat appreciated. It'll take you two secs. Now fill in that word verification. See that wasn't so bad.

This year I've divided it up by different categories.

Horror Bloggers

Horror Websites

Film/Movie Sites

Did I miss a site or blog? Send me an e-mail at jadedviewers at yahoo dot com and I'll add you in. If you don't have a site, leave your top 10 in the comments below.

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