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Giveaway Contest: Win Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S8 Volume 1 Comic Book!

I haven't had a contest in a while and I really never had anything good to giveaway. But with all this talk of a new Buffy remake coming out, I realized this would be the perfect contest for 2011.

So here's the deal. You're going to have to be a little creative to win. Below is a clip of Buffy dusting a vampire. If you're any kind of Buffy fan, you know she always has a nice witty quip or pun she says after she stakes a vamp. This one is:

"Three in one night, Giles would be so proud"


I'm changing this up a bit. There are 2 ways you can enter this contest to win 1 copy of Buffy the vampire Slayer, Season 8 Volume 1 entitled "The Long Way Home". Contest will run until the end of February. US only residents.

1.) I want you to come up with your most creative vampire comeback, pun or quip based upon the video above.


2.) Answer the question below.

Name the "Big Bad" from each of the 7 Seasons of BTVS.

Once you come up with your cleverly clever quip or name the Big Bads, e-mail or DM your name and e-mail address with your answers. Around March, I'll randomly pick a winner! If you do both, you get entered twice and double your chances!

E-mail: jadedviewers at yahoo dot com
Twitter: @jadedviewer
Facebook: the jaded viewer

Now channel your inner Joss Whedon and get with the punning.

Thanks to Whedonesque for the plug!

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