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Vision Quest

Vision Quest is about a high school wrestler (Louden) who attempts to drop two weight classes to beat the state's number one wrestler (Shute).

Release Year: 1985
Rating: R
Length: 105m

For more information, view its pages at the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes or purchase it from Amazon.

  • Confidence: Louden's confidence grows throughout his quest to face Shute.
  • Eating Disorders: Louden must cut weight to face Shute, so he eats sparingly and overtrains, causing nosebleeds.
  • Focus: Louden focuses on Shute every day, even when Shute shows up at a match to get in his head.
  • Imagery: He imagines the six minutes on the mat with Shute, but his friend tell him, "It's not the six minutes, its what happens in those six minutes that counts!"
  • Underdogs: Louden is the underdog because no one has beaten Shute and he is a monster.