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Stick It

Stick It is about the sport of gymnastics and everything that comes along with it.  Haley is faced with the challenge of returning to the sport after she traumatically left it years ago.  She goes through many ups and downs along the way, and can attribute many of them to her coach.

Release Year: 2006
Rating: PG-13
Length: 103m

For more information, view its pages at the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes or purchase it from Amazon.

  • Confidence:  When the girls have their first meet, Haley tells her teammates to throw harder skills because she knows they can do it.  The girls do throw the harder skills, showing they are confident in their abilities.
  • Eating Disorders: This theme is seen quite a lot in the sport of gymnastics.  It is evident in this movie when Joanne is looking at herself in a mirror in disgust, even though she is far from being overweight.
  • Leadership:  From the start, the other gymnasts looked up to Haley as a role model.  They decide to scratch their routines at Championships after Haley is the first one to do it and throw their harder skills at their first meet because Haley convinces them it is a good idea.
  • Sportsmanship: Joanne (a fellow gymnast) is very un-sportsmanlike, sarcastically telling another gymnast "nice stick" when she falls on her bar dismount and follows that up by saying, "it's not called gymn-NICE-stics" to Haley.
  • Teamwork: This theme is seen throughout the entire movie, especially when the four girls go to Championships.  Mina performed her vault flawlessly, but received only a 9.5 because her bra strap was showing.  All the other girls decided to blatantly pull out their bra straps during their vaults and scratch for that event so that Mina will win.