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The Waterboy

The Waterboy is about the team waterboy (Bobby Boucher) who accidentally has his anger unleashed, turning him into a defensive maniac and a feared linebacker. However, if he wants to play football, he must keep it a secret from his mother who believes he is too delicate, while also overcoming academic adversity.

Release Year: 1998
Rating: PG-13
Length: 90m

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  • Aggression: Aggression is seen in nearly every scene of this movie. His aggressive is usually unlocked by opposing team members and even his coach. For example, Coach Klein tells Bobby that water sucks and gatorade is better to motivate him and make him angry, which leads Bobby to have a field goal block/return to win the game. (42m)
  • Confidence: Confidence plays a major role in the beginning of this film. Bobby was picked on by players from both teams he worked for but failed to redeem himself due to a lack of confidence. It is evident when he recalls a memory from his childhood where a past coach belittles him when he tries to stand up for himself. (13m)
  • Cultural Differences: Bobby has never considered playing football and when given the opportunity he is hesitant because of what his mother will say. Coach Klein attends dinner at Bobbies house where his mother rattles on about how bobby is to delicate and how she raised a sweet boy and he doesn't need to go to college. You can tell they have different standards and beliefs towards education. (16m)
  • Imagery: In several instances he recalls images from his past that contribute to his aggression. But a better reference for imagery is the scene where Bobby replaces the heads of the offensive line and field goal kicker with Coach Klein's face while having them sing a catchy tune. (43m)