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Titanomakhia, legend of the Titan War Against God Olimpus

Titan in Greek mythology is the ruler of the earth before the godsOlimpus. Their leaders called Kronos and it will be overthrown by Zeus. All of Titan 12 is the son of Uranus, the god of the heavens and the earth goddess Gaia
Titan had a large war with the gods mentioned OlimpusTitanomakhia. Majority of the Titan will be involved with this war.In this war defeat Titan and those who were thrown into battlewith Kronos tartaros.
Titan first generation consisted of 6 men (Okeanos, Hiperion,Koios, Kronos, Krios and Iapetos) and six women (Mnemosine,Tethis, Theia, Foibe, Rhea, and Themis).

Titan while the second generation consists of children the first generation of Titan, which the children Hiperion (Eos, Helios,and Selene) Koios children (Leto and Asteria) Iapetos children(Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoitios ) and the children Krios (Astraios, Pallas, and Perses).
In a myth told by Kallimakhos and Nonnos, Zeus intended to make Zagreus (Dionisos) as his successor. But Hera angrybecause Zagreus was born from Zeus' infidelity.

Hera sent the Titans to kill him. The Titan paint their faces withgypsum to make Zagreus interested in them.

Then the Titan pick and eat the body ngoyak Zagreus. Zeus was angry and killed the Titan. While heart Zagreus laterrescued by Athena to be returned to Zagreus.
Battle that occurred during 10 years between the Titans againstthe gods Olimpus long before the existence of man.

The Titans fought from Mount Othrys and the gods Olimpus, fighting from Mount Olimpus. This war happened for Zeus andhis brothers to do the match against Kronos, their father whohad swallowed them.

Titan women choose not to engage the war, Okeanos stillprefer neutral, while Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Stiks withher ​​children in favor of Zeus. Zeus but still need help in the fight against the Titans.

So, after being given advice by Gaia, Zeus and the release ofHekatonkhire Kiklops tartaros confined.

Involvement of the giants of the many proven role in the war.The Kiklops make great weapons for Zeus and his brothersand sisters, while three Hekatonkhire capable of throwing 300 miles on the Titan in one shot.

After last for ten years, the Zeus finally winning. Zeus then shutthe Titans who are against the tartaros. While the Atlas shouldtake the sky at shoulder.
The ancient Greeks made ​​several poems about the war. The most dominant and the only remaining work is TheogoniaHesiodos.

A poetry that is lost, Titanomakhia, made ​​by the blind poetnamed Thamyris Thrakia. The Titans also play an important role in the work Orfeus poems.

And although only small pieces of remaining Orfeus narrative,the paper shows the differences with Hesiodos.