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Mild Sperm 668 MB DvDRip 18+ Mediafire Link

mildspermm Mild Sperm   MM12
Video Title: Mild Sperm 668 MB DvDRip 18+ Mediafire Link
Censor: JAV
Size: 668 MB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 00:58:18
Video format: WMV3
In the first scene a girl is handing out free cigarettes on the street. She engages one customer who she gives a blowjob to until he cums in her mouth. In the next scene she is holding out an ashtray while men cum inside it. After the ashtray is full of cum she mixes it around and swallows it. In the next scene men enter the room to cum on her legs after they are done she sucks up the cum off her leg with a long piece of plastic tubing. The next scene is a group sex scene. Five different men get blow jobs and hand jobs until they are hard. After they get their dicks up they take turns having sex with her until
they cum inside a condom. The model then sucks the cum out of the condoms. During one part takes it in a standing doggie style while the condom is hanging out her mouth! In scene five she is holding up a glass for collecting cum. She drinks it all at the end. In the final scene she takes lots of cumshots on the face and licks cum up off of the mirror that she is sitting on. Good movie from M’s Video Group!
scmildsper Mild Sperm   MM12
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