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Birdemic: Shock and Terror (Trailer)

Well if you've been stuck in a fridge lately, you may have missed the awesomness of the soon to be newet cult phenomenon Birdemic: Shock and Terror. The trailer is superbly, brilliantly uber bad its kick ass. Going to be released theatrically (really, get the fuck outta here!) by Severin Films, this is truly the greatest bad movie in our lifetime. It makes SyFy original movies look like Citizen Kane. It makes Uwe Boll look like Spielberg.

Birdemic is going to make The Room look Oscar worthy.

OK enough gratuitous hype. If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out below and prepare to be mesmerized by the LOL hilarity of Birdemic!!!!

Birdemic: Shock And Terror Official Theatrical Trailer from Severin Films on Vimeo.