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Is this the end of Fangoria? **UPDATE**

Looks like is back live...sorta. The site is back live but I noticed a couple of things seemed a little off:

  • The last post was made on January 10th
  • The site has reverted back to the old design (it had been redesigned recently)
  • The forums are still not working
After my initial post yesterday, I got a few tweets from former Fangoria staff members. So here are a few updates:
  • Correction from yesterday. That new blog is made up of the former MAGAZINE staff not the web writers
  • From @JamesZahn (former writer for the web staff) recently quit as did others that worked on the online portion of FANGORIA
  • John Z. wrote up an article as well about the potential demise of FANGORIA, its other property (STARLOG) and the Brooklyn Company. Check it out here
  • HorrorBid also wrote up something about this as well today (possibly inspired by my post :-))
Thanks for all the comments. If you have a subscription, you may want to cancel (just in case).

I'm sure the new big horror sites are to blame for their demise but FANGORIA was ingrained in all our childhoods. They could have easily reinvented themselves on the web. The magazine could have been a place where they drove traffic to the site (sorta how gaming magazines do their content).

I can't believe that advertising would have been an issue as we've had a large numbers of horror movies that come out theatrically and are out on DVD. Even horrible movies like Stepfather and other crap get ads forced down the horror community's throats. Aside from movies, TV shows and video games are a potential revenue stream. As I write this right now, they are running ads for The House of the Devil DVD, Frozen and The Crazies!

Well let's see if I've created some buzz so we can get some answers. I hate to be a TMZ-ish journafan, but I'm a fan and follower and even though things look gloomy and doomy, I want Fangoria to survive. I mean I won The Tournament on DVD from them recently!

Hmm, it's going to be interesting how this plays out. J. Zahn says we should all be on the lookout.

So let's try to ignore the volcano exploding in the background and reminisce about how Fangoria affected your horror second life. What's your fondest memory of Fangoria? Is it the magazine? A Weekend of Horror convention? The forums?

What's your story?

  • Deleted magazine launch point as this was year old news