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THE BLIND SIDE Film Summary:

The Blind Side story there is a night in Memphis, Tennessee, which flooded by rain, Leigh Anne Tuohy and his family saw a young African-American man who fat down the road. Alone, hungry, and wet. Leigh Anne (played by Sandra Bullock with her hair dyed blonda and a thick Southern accent) asks her husband to stop the car and approached the boy. Without thinking, Leigh Anne took the teenager, known as Big Mike, aka Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) was to take refuge in his house a spacious and luxurious.

We then imagine a racist problem, social inequalities, and all the terrible things will happen. But, no. This is not the film Crash (Paul Haggis), which makes about racism as a major role. It's a story about friendship and Big Mike Leigh Ann. A mother and child.

The issue of street children to appoint a "stage of civilization" is not just a problem stuffing him with formal education (yes, yes, Big Mike is considered slow, so that in the first months of almost all teachers in despair), but this is also the issue of racial, educational, and the environment. But Leigh Anne is a lioness that his bones are made of iron and steel his heart. Ridicule, sarcasm, and disparaging attitude around Big Mike and his diterabas with dashing.

When Big Mike put into groups of rugby, Leigh Anne knew she had to use a language known as Big Mike, the language instinct. In a psychological test, noted Mike has an instinct to protect others as high as 98 percent. "These kids are family," said Leigh Anne exciting rugby players around him. "Remember how you protect me from the kids for fun? Well, you have to protect them as you protect your family. "

And that is what Mike dutifully. With reverence. He roared like a mother to maintain her group tiger protecting her child. And after that, the history of rolling. Big Mike offered by a diverse group of rugby and universities.

Stories that give a sense of optimism (in the era of Obama, they say the time "Yes, We Can") is presented with a conventional narrative; nothing special, nothing explodes unless this is the story of the underdog who could skyrocketed and win. But in between simplicity and the kenvensional narrative is, of course we must admit that the appearance of Sandra Bullock membetot attention. Assertive, independent, sometimes fiercely but were full of tears when she saw her adopted son set foot on campus. Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award this year he received a Best Actress award may be equipped with the Academy Awards (if he could be cleared Meryl Streep and Carrey Mulligan).

Director: John Lee Hancock Screenplay: John Lee Hancock is based on a true story written by Michael Lewis Cast: Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Kathy Bates

(From the TEMPO Magazine Issue 51/XXXVIII February 8, 2010)