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Net Framework 2.0 offline Installer Mediafire Link

.Net Framework mediafire -
Download .Net Framework 2.0 offline Installer - Net Framework is one of the most important components to run and develop lot of applications at this time. But when you go to microsoft website to download the version of net framework. You will get a web installer which will download a file from the server when ever you run the Micorsoft online installer. This web installer will be a very small size but can not be distributed as a complete setup of the net framework. Such as downloading the same set of files each time you run it on any computer. So, if you want to give your buddies setup net framework. You can not because this is not a standalone installer. Today, we will share all links to the full setup offline standalone redistributable installer for all the net framework. Released the second version is now up to 64 bit and 32 bit. All direct link to download. Net framework from microsoft server.
32 Bit -
64 Bit -