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Ringkasan Film UP IN THE AIR

Ringkasan Film UP IN THE AIR:

Within a year, there are 322 days used Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) in the clouds, above the plane of business class seats, and luxury hotel to occasionally touch the earth to lay off employees of the company of others. It's a profession that is not good: Ryan is hired to deliver bad news to employees affected by layoffs. The directors usually do not have the guts to fire its own employees, especially those who have already worked a dozen years. But that's life. Ryan Bingham is a company in charge of a set of axes chopping off any hope of life.

But this is not the story of humanity. This is the story of Ryan Bingham is so proud of chasing thousands of miles above the clouds just to get a platinum card indicating he was a passenger special subscriptions; VIP; important. Being privileged is important for Ryan. His choice is not married, had no steady boyfriend; no home, no commitment to anything in life except to fly from one city to another to lay off and go.

Among the hunting to target thousands of kilometers in the air, Ryan met with two women who will change your lifestyle and preferences are quite shallow and banal. The first is Alex (Vera Farmiga), who also lives in much more travel, and the stature is so flexible to have sex in the toilet was a small plane, according to him, no problem. "I was you," said Alex, who claims it will not prosecute any of Ryan, "simply, the difference, I have a vagina."

Then be a suitable partner in the air schedule to meet at one of their stops, to struggle, to then split up and flying again.

The second woman is Natalie (Anna Kendrick), a young woman's 20-year-old, who foaming with the ambition to get ahead. Ideas expressed at the office where Ryan works is cut all the flight costs, and pecatlah mere employees through computer technology. Easy, inexpensive, and effective, though not human at all. The idea is to shake Ryan, who all his life had been married in the air.

Directed by Jason Reitman, whose name immediately skyrocketed after his first film, Juno, critics praised the film, is increasingly using its dark humor about the most feared man: living alone without any certainty.

Ryan meeting with Alex to make him realize that was a sense of attachment is not something that can be prevented. When Ryan was first to break the routine and attend the marriage of his sister in the village, then he realized that at the very bottom of her mind she wanted a meaningful relationship. A touch or connect with another human heart.

When Ryan began to notice a change in attitude and heart of human relationships, he would then hit by a figure of himself. Alex is a person like him; difference, she is a woman.

Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman and shine. But this is George Clooney's film. He will be competing with Jeff Bridges (in the film Crazy Heart), who are both nominated as best actor Academy Awards.

Film Up in the Air is a trip for someone who is thought dijejakkan feet in the air. But it was during this time, he knew, the real home is in the earth.

Title: UP IN THE AIR Director: Jason Reitman Screenplay: Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner Based on the novel by Walter Kirn Cast: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick
(From the TEMPO Magazine Issue 53/XXXVIII February 22, 2010)