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Summary The film Dear John

Summary The film Dear John:

Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Scenario: Jamie Linden Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks
Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Channing Tatum, Richard Jenkins

Adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novels usually make us suspicious. We must provide a box of tissues because it would involve the Sparks theme of love and death. Dear John movie seems to not only sell the name of Nicholas Sparks, but six pack chest Channing Tatum posted a versatile actress on the rise Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia, Chloe, Letters to Juliette).

Tersebutlah John Tyree, a sergeant who served in the U.S. special forces. The film opens when John was fight for life when a bullet struck him. And he remembered the moment his father was a collection of scattered coins one by one.

We are then thrown into a few years earlier when John first became acquainted with Savannah Lynn Curtis (Amanda Sefried), a student spring break filled with a series of volunteer work. Lovely face and a heart of gold Savannah just grabbed the hearts John. In just a few days, they fall in love. But wait. Savannah wanted to know the background of John. He wants to get acquainted with John's father (Richard Jenkins) who daily face a very clumsy person, and more interested in taking care of his coin collection. Savammah the usual care of the immediate mengenli autistic signs, while John deny that fact. Dramapun begins.

Parting couple in love is inevitable. Savannah had to go back to college and John must be assigned to a place across the continent whose location must be kept secret. But they promised each other compose. Then we presented a montage of traditional correspondence (oh, how we are longing to see the ink pens, stationery, stamps and envelopes) and the activities of Savannah and John during the breakup. But the tragedy of 9/11 happened. John Force is supposed to be off duty heroically volunteered to extend the work in the field. John initially hesitant to participate because he promised to return to America to meet with her lover. Apparently, what may make. He came home and oh, the lover is married. John finally flung himself in heroic special forces.

Of course this is not the end of the story. We then saw the relationship complications Savannah with her husband (whom he married because his heart is always more to protect the "weak" and how easy the completion of this film: give cancer in the husband) and the fact that Savannah is actually still very fond of John. If we willingly accept the story that Nicholas Sparks is always full of sobs, the main problem of this film is actually going on acting Channing Tatum.

He should have appeared as an efficient army and get rid of all keresahannya words into his body. But Tatum's interpretation of the character with stiffness and a single expression. Amanda Seyfried was finally overcome their scenes, because he's a talented actress. But it turns out the star in this film are Richard Jenkins, the father who suffered from autism, which is difficult to communicate but we could feel a tremendous love for the son even through the screen. And if the tears fall for this film, it is not because the story of unattainable love, but as a father figure who say love through limitations in ways that tear the soul.

(From Breaking Issue August 6, 2010)