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The Jaded Viewer is going offline (only for a few days...I hope)

Hey fellow jaded minions. Well due to some Blogger updates and some migration protocols on Blogger, I'm going to have to go offline for a few days. I've been publishing on Blogger via FTP and Blogger is forcing me to have my site hosted with them instead.

Hence, I'm going to have to migrate my blog, change some settings, yada yada yada.

Most of the horror blogosphere is at a blogspot domain or on Wordpress. Lucky for you, you guys aren't affected. But for the few of us that have our own domains or FTP, we have to update. If you're one of the ones who have a custom domain, you should check out Blogger's FTP blog. It details all the instructions we'll need to do before FTP-ing is disabled starting May 1st.

You may get a Page Cannot Be Found or the site will look like it's disappeared. That's just me turning the frozen donkey wheel (gratuitous Lost reference!)

When I do return, I have a ton of reviews to put up, more lists for you to check out and 100% pure entertainment that you can find here at your friendly, neighborhood horror blog.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter or head over to the jaded viewer Facebook page for your daily dose of jaded-isms.

Be back soon!