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Saturday Nightmares Expo 2010 (March 19-21)

If you're still itching after attending Monster Mania and need another horror fix, another great horror expo is taking place in Jersey City, New Jersey this weekend. Saturday Nightmares is having a Dead trilogy reunion of sorts with George A. Romero in attendance. Other guests include your Dead trilogy alum:

Ken Foree (Dawn)
Scott Renieger (Dawn)
David Emge (Dawn)
Gaylen Ross (Dawn)
Tom Pilato (Day)

and of course the one and only Tom Savini.

Also in attendance is the great Adrienne Barbeau who stars in the short I introduced to you all called Alice Jacobs is Dead directed by Alex Horwitz (who will also be in attendance). The short will also be screened as well.

As you know I raved about how awesome Alice Jacobs is and this is your chance to see it!

They are also screening all the Dead movies and I'm sure George is going to show some Survival footage. I'm going to try to go but I urge you to head over there as well.