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Karishma Kapoor in Dangerous Ishq - Playing a Challenging Action Role

Karishma Looks leaked for Dangerous Ishq
Karisma Kapoor's forth coming movie is "Dangerous Ishq". The film is directed by Vikram Bhatt.and is expected to release on May 11, 2012. In 2011, Karishma Kapoor announced that she will be returning to movies in a 3D titled film Dangerous Ishq with Vikram Bhatt.

Cast for the Movei Dangerous Ishq

Karishma Kapoor
Divya Dutta
Rajneesh Dugga
Jimmy Shergill
Ruslaan Mumtaz

The movie is written by Amin Haji in which Karishma will play five different role.It's been said that Karishma is playing a challenging action role in the movie for the very first time.Thought the Director Vikram doesn't talk much about it, but it's quite clear from his words.

Vikram Bhatt Said

"Karisma has always been a very hard-working and capable actress. But in terms of challenges posed to her performing abilities, I feel there have been not too many golden opportunities. I feel this is the right time for Karisma to do Dangerous Ishq. It takes her to a new level as an actor."
(grabbed from hindustan times interview)