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Characters of the Wire

What separates a great television show, movie, or book from a regular one? The answer is great characters. Great characters can make even the dumbest plot seem plausible and the great plots into excellent shows. The Wire does just this, it combines great writing and plot with amazing characters to create the best television show ever.
There are many characters that could be considered main characters such as Jimmy McNulty, Omar Little, Stringer Bell, Lester Freamon, and the great Avon Barksdale. However, a lot of shows have great main characters. The thing that separates the Wire from other shows is the depth and strength of their minor characters such as Preston "Bodie" Broadus, D'Angelo Barksdale, Chris Partlow, and Bunk Moreland.
The Wire is a drama that takes place in the city of Baltimore. It involves cops trying to catch drug dealers, politicians trying to get elected, schools trying to improve, and even papers trying to stay afloat. Jimmy McNulty, perhaps the golden boy of the series, is a detective that puts his job above all else. He will do anything to catch criminals, even break the rules. Omar Little, the favorite of many, is a homosexual loner who robs drug dealers to make a living for himself. Lester Freamon is another genius detective who has been buried in the department for putting his job ahead of the ambitions of those above him in the police department. His brilliance helps the police solve many cases and put many behind bars. Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale are the leaders of the greatest drug organization in Baltimore. Avon is the self-proclaimed "gangsta", while Stringer takes a more business approach to the whole process. Together they from a team that rules the streets with an iron grip.
After these great characters, you have an unmentionable amount of other characters. Bodie is the young corner boy on the rise, who is out to make a name for himself. D'Angelo Barksdale is Avon's nephew who does not know if he is cut out for the game of drug dealing. The "Bunk" is Jimmy McNulty's partner in the homicide department and his steady greatness is simply amazing. He combines witty humor with great detective work. Another of the strong minor characters is Howard "Bunny" Colvin. Colvin is a major that attempt to legalize drugs in an effort to stop crime. He also ends up helping educate inner city children. He is another great example of the depth of the Wire's minor characters.
The Wire is an amazing show and the characters are what make it great. For more information on the wire characters visit the wire website.