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Hollywood Move Over, Great British TV Is Tops!

Great Britain is called Great Britain because it is just that, Great! Britain has a beautiful and diverse countryside with beautiful changing seasons. Great Britain has long since abandoned its "stiff upper lip" and are much more of an open-minded, flexible, well educated "go-getters". For proof you only have to look at our 100 Nobel Prize winners which is a sure testament to the achievements of some of Britain's best scientists, writers, economists and peace-makers.
When it comes to entertainment and the arts you can't beat Britain. We have a great history for creating the very best music, think the Beatles. Britain is truly a nation of drama lovers and don't forget this is the country that brought you Shakespeare. Britain hosts some of the best and most varied theatres in the entire world. London's westend houses 40 theatres showing all of the top glitzy musicals.
Some of the best TV shows are written and created in the UK. Some of the top TV shows are getting serious critical acclaim recently. Downton Abbey is a period drama set in the early 1900's. The series is produced by the British media company Carnival Films for the ITV network. The show is gaining in popularity all the time and is a great success in the USA. Very recently it has won 6 Emmys for its writing by Julian Fellowes, directing by Brian Percival, acting by Maggie Smith, Cinematography by David Katznelson and Costumesby Susannah Buxton.
Another popular British show is Inspector Morse which has been running since 1987. Since it began there have been 33 episodes and the main character is portrayed by the great British actor John Thaw. Morse is a fictional character who is a senior criminal investigation department officer with the Thames Valley Police in Oxford. The show won a number of TV awards since it first aired. John Thaw won best actor in 1990 and 1993 at the Baftas. He also won most popular actor in 1998 at the National Television Awards. In 1991 and 1992 the show won the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award for best original drama series. In 1992 the show won a Bafta TV award for the best drama series and also in 1993. With plenty of other nominations it just goes to show that this detective drama is a quality British TV show.
Midsomer Murders is another British television detective drama which is based on books written by Caroline Graham. The lead character is acted by the great John Nettles. You may remember him in Bergerac. Most of the show is centred on the working and family life of a country policeman Tom Barnaby. Neil Dudgeon has now stepped into John Nettles' shoes in a brand new series of Midsomer Murders which continues this Autumn 2011.
So there you go, some reasons why Great Britain is Great. If you don't believe me why not take a visit and see what Great Britain has to offer.
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