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Road Rage in the Movies Pt 2: The Road Warrior Pt 2 (1981)

Max sees his chance when the group inside the compound send out several vehicles in every direction to try to outrun their antagonizers and hopefully find some help. Max and the gyro pilot watch as one group from the compound are immediately overtaken by members of Humongus' gang. Max manages to save one of the dying survivors and makes a deal with him for some gasoline. But shortly after Max gets the survivor back inside the compound, he dies and the deal is nullified. Seen as just another untrustworthy scavenger, Max is about to be put to death on the orders of the groups leader, Papagallo, portrayed by Micheal Preston, when the Humongus and his cohorts return with the remainder of the riders who were sent to get help earlier. Some still barely alive, they won't be for long.
Once again, the Humongus makes the same offer as before. Papagallo and the others discuss frantically what their options may be. There are not many. They want to make a run for it, but without the precious gas, what's the point. Max becomes the key when he explains to them that during his travels, he came up on a tanker that could haul the gasoline for them. Papagallo strikes a new deal with Max to get to the tanker and bring it back in one piece.
When night falls Max leaves the compound with all the gas he can carry, He stealthily sneaks past the Humongus' gang's campsite and in a few hours makes it to the tanker. He fills it with gas and drives it straight through the camp of the Humongus. With the help of the gyro pilot in his copter, some fancy driving and a little luck he's able to get inside the compound. The tanker is in much need of repair but the groups main mechanic can fix it for the long and dangerous trip ahead. Papagallo tries to talk Max into joining them for the journey, but Max refuses. He collects the gas promised him in the deal and leaves.
Upon seeing his departure from the compound, the Humongus send several raiders after him. Max makes it to the open road and seems to be more than able to outrun his pursuers. But the gang has their vehicles rigged with nitrous oxide which when activated gives their cars twice their original speed. They catch up to Max and smash in his windshield, causing him to hydroplane off the road and into a small canyon

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