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New Straw Dogs Movie Delivered Major Intense Stuff

Screen Gems Movies unveiled a new drama/thriller motion picture titled "Straw Dogs" into theaters. I recently checked it out, and I believed it was excellent and extreme, delivering one hell of a killing spree. It features: James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard, Dominic Purcell, Laz Alonso, Willa Holland, and James Woods.
In the flick, happy couple David and Amy Sumne return to Amy's small, crazy hometown, so David can write a new movie script, and help sell Amy's old house. David also felt he could easily get some inspiration there. Little did he know, the inspiration would be to save his freaking life.
Everyone one seemed wonderful and civil at the outset, but as the movie progressed along, you could notice the tensions rise. It was one little thing after another as Amy's old boyfriend Charlie and his raunchy crew worked tirelessly on their property.
They'd frequently leave work prematurely, play loud music, and barge into the house without knocking or being invited. Finally, they took David on a hunting trip, to only leave him so they could go violate his wife.
However, the very last straw, as it were, came at the end when a wild incident transpired at their residence, triggering Charlie and the boys to try and kill Amy and David to conceal their tracks. They soon discover it wouldn't be that easy to kill them off, leading to a big violent conclusion, ending with lots of blood being spilled. It was quite suspenseful to look at.
The movie was never boring, and kept me intrigued the entire time. Kate Bosworth delivered some arousing scenes in it. True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard played an excellent bad guy as usual. Alexander definitely didn't stray too far away from his edgy True Blood, Eric Northman character. In fact, he probably outdid the edginess of that character by leaps and bounds. The other group of guys did a great job as supporting actors. Kate Bosworth has come a long way since her "Blue Crush" days. James Marsden did a pretty good job of playing the uppity movie writer character.
I also liked the way this movie slowly built up to the crazy conclusion because there wasn't a big indication that it would end that violently. It just all sort of came together towards the end in a very intense manner. I gave it an excellent B rating, and would recommend this movie to anyone wanting to watch a good thriller flick.

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