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Movie Review of Crazy, Stupid, Love

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that actually is as funny as the preview leads you to believe-I'm happy to report that this is one of those times.
THE GOOD: Steve Carrell (of 'The Office' acclaim) does a magnificent job of playing Cal, the pathetic middle aged man who has been blindsided by his wife's announcement that, after 20+ years, she wants a divorce...oh and by the way, she's having an affair. He tumbles into a depression and spends his time at the neighborhood bar, whining to anyone who will listen about his misfortune. And this is where we first meet Jacob, the ultimate ladies man (played by Ryan Gosling), who is so disgusted by Cal's behavior, that he decides to teach him how to pick up beautiful women. Ladies, you will be surprised to learn that, apparently, the key to being impressed by a man is NOT him being his authentic self, but rather, the fact that he dresses in Italian suits, and uses lines that leave you no choice but to go home with him. Looking like Ryan Gosling doesn't hurt either. The comedy level of this movie is definitely at its highest as Jacob is helping Cal to "be better than the Gap" and lose his Velcro wallet.
THE BAD: If there was anything that could be considered actually 'bad' about this film, it was the fact that, clearly, we were supposed to feel some sympathy for Cal's ex wife (Julianne Moore), who dumped him in an obvious fit of mid life crisis and then had second thoughts about her actions once the choice had been made. Rest assured that if Cal had been the philandering, "I'm bored with my life and I'm moving on to greener pastures" spouse in the equation, no one would have been rooting for the wife to take HIM back.
THE UGLY: The movie actually has several story lines going on, including Jacob's attitude altering fascination with Hannah, who is obviously the only woman on the face of God's green earth that DOESN'T want to go home with him, and that ends up capturing his heart....but the story line that could have been left out completely is the one where Cal's teenage son has a thing for the slightly older teenage babysitter ( who in turn has a thing for Cal.) I won't attempt to give any details here, but suffice it to say that the way they portrayed this kid's "puppy love" for the babysitter was creepy. Just plain icky. Yuck.
The Trophy Wife gives this one 4 ½ trophies.
Crazy Stupid Love is rated PG-13 due to coarse humor, sexual content, and language. (F word used once)

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